Meet Your Advisors

Embark Advisor & Client Services Team

We believe that investors like you are better served by an automated, goals-based investment advisory service that utilizes the Endowment Investment Philosophy® (“EIP”) to offer 3-dimensional ETF portfolios designed to help you achieve your specific goals. The 3-D EIP differentiates our service from other 2-dimensional investment services. Embark was created by ETF Model Solutions, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser. ETF Model Solutions is the creator of the Endowment Index® calculated by Nasdaq OMX®, a rules-based index that seeks to replicate the asset allocation of over 700 college and university endowments using ETFs. We invite you to learn more about our 3-D Endowment Investment Philosophy, our automated investment process, and how you can get started towards reaching your goals. Open your account in just a few minutes. Questions? Contact [email protected], or call us at 920-454-9313.

Front Row: Michael J. Rottier,   Robert L. Riedl, CPA, CFP®, AWMA®, CFCTM,   Evan M. Kubiak

Back Row: Samuel B. Moore, CFP®,   John D. Weninger, CFP®