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Start Investing like a University Endowment

Universities such as Harvard and Yale rely on their endowment earnings to support operations, and advance their mission. Their approach diversifies their investments beyond stocks and bonds to include alternative investments. Embark allows you to invest like these billion dollar endowments by broadening most of our portfolios that target liquid alternative investments.

Our portfolios

Embark Invest offers six core portfolios comprised of three major asset classes: stocks, bonds, and alternatives. Each portfolio is named after a type of watercraft that aligns with its intended longevity and risk tolerance. Hover over the images below to learn about each portfolio and discover which one may be appropriate for your financial journey.

Our most conservative strategy, Kayak seeks to provide current income and preservation of capital. It is typically used to accomplish investor goals over shorter time horizons. A kayaker doesn’t spend days out on the water as it would be uncomfortable and exhausting. A kayak is often found close to shore because rough seas pose a serious danger.

A conservative vessel, sailboat, is a slow-moving leisure craft powered by the wind. You will typically see a sailboat on the water on beautiful summer days. This watercraft is willing to venture a little further offshore than a kayak but tries to avoid turbulent weather and storms.

A ferry provides transportation from point A to point B. This vessel is willing to traverse the seas and travel longer distances, but keeps the safety of its passengers and their belongings in mind. A ferry travels further, and at quicker speeds compared to its more conservative counterparts, making it a moderate longer-term portfolio.

A yacht is a well-built watercraft suitable for the open seas but can still navigate smaller waters in a stable manner. This portfolio is more appropriate for longer time horizons in a similar fashion that individuals on a yacht feel more comfortable staying out on the water longer. This moderate growth portfolio puts a twist on the classic 60% stock and 40% bond portfolio by targeting an alternative allocation greater than 50%.

When you embark on a long journey and understand rough waters and storms are likely ahead, you will want to be on a cruise ship. The ship portfolio is expected to deliver long-term growth with enough stability to weather the storms ahead.

When you embark in a speed boat you travel quickly and turn on a dime. The Speed Boat investor seeks higher returns over long stretches of time, while accepting the volatility they may endure along the way.

No Minimums. 1.16% Annual Fee1.

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